Expanding The Boundaries of Our Identity

Posted by on Mar 29, 2023

“Through widening circles of Identification, we extend the boundaries of our self-interest.” ~Macy & Brown (1)


Zooming In/Zooming Out

Here we are… the Milky Way Galaxy, outer spiral, third rock from our solar system’s Sun.  We are spinning through space. As you read this, can you align with Polaris or Sigma Octantus? Can you orientate yourself in space? How is our axis tilted? This time of year, we are coming to equilibrium, the Equinox, about to begin the northern hemisphere’s tilt toward the Sun, culminating at the Summer Solstice. Where did the sun rise this morning? Where will it set tonight? What planets will you see hovering in the sky tonight? On what part of Pangea do you find yourself? Turtle Island? Alkebulan? Abya-Yala? What are the landforms and rivers that are shaping your bioregion? Can you feel this Earth as earth, air, fire, and water, always shaping, reshaping, evolving, shifting? Can you feel these elements alive in your human body?

Welcome home.

Coming Home to Grief                          

I have been in mourning. For our home, our mother, Earth. For my Mother, Gaia. I am grieving for the multitude of species who, at this moment, are on their way to extinction or who have already gone extinct—on my watch. Will my species also disappear before my great-grandchildren are born? I grieve for all my relations who are stressed by the condition of our biosphere. 


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Expanding the Boundaries of Our Identity