How can we involve others?

Natural Pathways Foundation donates to non-profit and educational organizations that are in harmony with our mission. In addition, we welcome partnerships with other non-profits, governmental programs, as well as corporate sponsors that share the goals of our foundation. We willingly accept donations to Natural Pathways Foundation for the furtherance of these goals.

An emerging mission for Natural Pathways Foundation is to create, provide and fund programs that address global issues through experiential and educational opportunities that explore the natural world and our place in it. Through art, dance, outdoor education,  agricultural innovation, indigenous science and wisdom, healing arts, and meditation for children, adults, and families, we are providing programs that help people to discover the unifying experience of their kinship with nature, finding our proper place in an Interdependent World.

We are currently partnering with Ft. Lewis College and Covenant Pathways to establish a Certificate in Regenerative Soil Agriculture. Our vision is to establish a Center for the Study of Radical Interdependence and create a major in this field.  We are available to consult with other educational institutions to establish similar programs.

“In this precarious moment in history, we are being called to make real a global network of just, eco-centric, and sustainable societies — the human element in a true Earth community.”

~Bill Plotkin

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