Who are We?

“The human is that being in whom the universe comes to itself in a special mode of conscious reflection.” -Thomas Berry

Steve and Jessica Zeller

Natural Pathways Foundation is a small family foundation located in Colorado. Founded by Steve & Jessica Zeller the foundation contributes to other non-profits that align with our mission to create programs and projects that reflect the purpose and vision of the Foundation.

We hope to transform the way people experience themselves and how they see the world: From a limited, linear and egocentric view to an ecocentric view of an open system of Mutual Causality and Stunning Interdependence.

Both Jessica and Steve are available for consultation and to present seminars, lectures and experiential workshops and trainings on these topics. We are guides and teachers of Ecopsychology, Rights of Passage, Chi Kung and NonDual Meditation. We have taught for Animas Valley Institute, Naropa University, Omega Institute and Lama Foundation.

With great gratitude to our parents, grandparents, and ancestors, we will continue to support the family of humankind, so that our children and their children will inherit not only a sustainable and healthy planet, but the awareness, the means, and the knowledge that will enable future generations to protect and flourish in their inheritance.

Jessica Zeller, MA, LPC, a transpersonal psychotherapist, mother, grandmother, and wife, is currently exploring ways to synthesize the experience of NonDual awareness with core principles of Ecopsychology. She was adjunct faculty for Prescott College and Naropa University were she taught Ecopsychology. She has trained as a teacher of Radiant Mind NonDual Meditation with Peter Fenner.

Motivated by his passion for people, Steve Zeller was involved in rights-of-passage work for 15 years, starting in 1981. Over the years, he’s woven his knowledge of nature and meditation practice into his work as an addictions counselor, Animas Valley Institute Vision Quest guide, and certified Personal Growth and Life Transition coach. He was chosen top youth worker in the State of Colorado and started La Plata County Big Brothers Big Sisters. Steve, a dedicated student of martial arts, is a certified Chi Gung instructor.  He values his role as a changemaker in the lives of people he meets, from his grandchildren to his Indigenous neighbors in Southwest Colorado.