How can we help?

What helps?

This question has guided us in evaluating requests for support from a variety of organizations dedicated to bringing radical positive change to our planet. Since our inception, NPF has supported organizations that educate people to become conscious, contributing planetary citizens who recognize that we, Homo Sapiens, are not separate from Nature and we are Interdependent with all of the Natural Systems of this planet. 


In the past, we have supported both visionary individuals and visionary groups whose goals are in harmony with our organization. We continue to search for fresh solutions to the challenges that face humankind and our planetary health in the 21st century, and for the individuals and groups that will inspire that achievement. Every proposal is studied and evaluated on the basis of its goals, approach, methods and achievements, in the hopes that we might uncover a new language and philosophy of humanity in nature, as nature. Our ongoing goal is to transform human consciousness to be more inclusive and to recognize our interdependence with all Life on the Planet.